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The revenue department maintains a computer system on all imports based on documentation recorded at the port of entry. Imports are further separated into four groups:

  1. Products for primary use
  2. Products in the middle
  3. Capital goods and services
  4. Imports from other countries.

Capital goods are made up of 978 eight-digit H.S. Code products that are divided into 188 multiple H.S. Codes and cover a wide range of commodities in addition to capital equipment.

Kenya Trade Data
Kenya is a Eastern Africa country with the world's ninth-largest population. based on statistics from Kenya's imports When it comes to imports, Kenya is ranked 53th in the world. According to Kenya import data, cotton is Kenya's most important import. Data Import by Machine Cotton, machinery, mineral fuels and oils are Kenya's main imports.

Below is the list of top trading countries from Kenya

  • China
  • India 
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Japan

Kenya intends to import hydropower from Bhutan and Nepal, while natural gas accounts for 56 percent of the country's commercial energy, followed by oil, hydropower, and coal. Kenya is heavily reliant on imports from its neighbors’ especially China and India, according to Kenya import data and statistics.

Kenya's top ten imports in 2019 were as follows, according to Kenya import data:

Cotton, Machinery, Mineral Fuels and Oils, Electronics, Iron and Steel, Plastics, Vehicles, Animal or Vegetable Fats

According to Kenya export data, the top ten import products accounted for around 60% of the country's overall imports in 2019. Mineral fuels and oils were the leading gainers amongst Kenya's top 10 import categories, while cotton saw a fall in value compared to the previous year, according to Kenya trade data.

Kenya import data reveals that the overall value of Kenya's order to send and receive has increased during the last five years. Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, Kenya will import the most cereals in 2020 to meet domestic needs. The graph below depicts the percentage share of Kenya's top ten import categories in 2019.

Kenya import data is a compilation of statistics derived from real cargo records obtained from the most reliable sources. Kenya import data includes names of importers and exporters, as well as other shipping information. We provide exclusive Kenya trade statistics to provide you with a complete picture of the country's import activity. Data on Kenya shipments is available starting in 2018.

Kenya's largest imports from China, according to Export Data Kenya, are machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and equipment & apparatus, man-made staple fibers, and iron & steel. Kenya imports the most wheat and meslin, tractor-trailer iron or non-alloy steel, and motor vehicles for goods transportation from India, according to trade data.

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